Hi Lovers!

I’m Antonyette! Yes, that’s a picture of me with my love! I am a couples, wedding, adventurous photographer and everything in between! Bottom line I am a sucker for a good love story so it makes my job pretty much a dream! I often call myself a professional third wheeler and I am proud of it! When I am not shooting I am usually planning an adventure! So, yes of course I offer travel!

My favorite part about my job is the fact that every couple is so unique and yet still so madly in love! I want my couples to be themselves and know that their images will be authentic when they are in front of my camera. On a shoot with me you can guarantee we will share laughs, stories, and I will probably trip at least once. By your wedding day I am pretty sure we will be besties and I would bet my bottom dollar this girl will shed some happy tears! So, if you are looking to create some magic and express your unique love, I am your girl!

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